Our group

Astro Events is a group of 15 members, all being passionate about astronomy. Most of our members studied scientific topics like physics, mathematics or chemistry.

It is our goal to make astronomy accessible to the general public. We want to explain astronomy in an easy and understandable manner. Furthermore we want to share our passion with our visitors and to engage them in the world of astronomy.

Jos kohn

Jos Kohn

I'm a citizen of Luxemburg and I study since 9 years physics in Switzerland and I'm currently doing a Phd in Optics at the universities of Fribourg and Bern. I'm interested in astronomy since the age of 10, when I received my first telescope. I could further extend my knowledge in astronomy during my studies and I am supervising a student experiment at the observatory of Ependes. Since 2009 I'm organising astronomy events and since then more and more friends started to help me, which lead to the foundation of Astro Events at the beginning of 2015. My key motivation for organising these events is the pleasure of sharing my passion and knowledge with other people. The physics of galaxies and star evolution interests my mostly in astronomy. During my leisure time I do a lot of walking tours through the mountains, where I especially like the fauna and flora.

Jason aebischer

Jason Aebischer

I completed my master in theoretical physics in April 2013 and started a PhD in the field of supersymetries in physics. I always had a big interest in astronomy and I could amplify my knowledge during some lectures at university.

Aurel baier

Aurelius Baier

I'm working in the domain of software engineering and service 4 days a week. 1 day a week I care for my daughter, who triggered indirectly my interest for astronomy. During the nights when I was swinging the hammock of my daughter, I read the book "The girl of the oranges" from Jostein Gaarder which awakened my profound passion for astronomy. Since the childhood of my daughter I read astronomy books and observed the sky during my free time. I'm fascinated by the space and the links which rejoin chemistry, physics, mathematics and history together. It's pleasant for me when other people can rejoin me on my path of discovery of astronomy, which is the reason why I'm a demonstrator for the observatory of Ependes next to Fribourg and why I joined the Astro Events team.

Dominik bodenmann

Dominik Bodenmann

I'm working for the astronomical institute of the university of Bern and I'm an observer at the university observatory of Zimmerwald, where distances to satellites are measured with a laser and space scrap is monitored by photography. I am interested in astronomy since my childhood and I could observe the sky for hours at that age. That's why it was clear for me to study astronomy. These astronomy events present for me a unique possibility to share my passion for space, including its complexity and diversity, with other people. I'm mostly interested by the search for extra solar planets and the possibility of existence of life in and outside our solar system.

Julie delay

Julie Delay

I received my master degree in literature and history in autumn 2014. Since November 2014 I'm teaching German to people of foreign mother tongue at the Alemania school in Bern. I was always fascinated by the sky. Since 2013 I engage myself further in the field of astronomy and educate myself in astrophysics. My interest in astronomy and sky observation was boosted by the donation of a telescope from my boyfriend Jason in 2015.

Fred dux

Fred Dux

I have finished my bachelor in Chemistry at the engineer’s school of Fribourg. My interest for astronomy originates from my huge interest for nature and the knowledge which can be extracted from it. This persuaded me to start to study physics at the EPFL in Lausanne. The observation of the night sky is the biggest pleasure for me in astronomy. I joined Astro Events because I want to share this pleasure with other people. Cosmology is the field in astronomy which interests me mostly.

Johannes eifert

Johannes Eifert

Since the beginning of this project I take care of the organisation and maintenance of the web page of Astro Events. I support this group because of the outstanding people who make the universe accessible for everyone. My personal interest in astronomy has been awakened after having visited several of their events. My true passion consists in the design of webpage’s and I work full-time as a software engineer. During my free time I like to discover the mountains and to travel.

Nicolas muller

Nicolas Muller

I'm currently working as a postdoc in the field of nanophotonics at the university of Fribourg. During my leisure time I play the guitar and I am exercising Russian martial art. My passion for the sky and its mysteries dates back to my childhood. When I observed for the first time the sky through a professional telescope, I realised that there is much more to discover than I thought. It is important for me to share these experiences with other people and to explain the different underlying physical phenomena’s in an understandable and demonstrative manner.

Philippe pauchard

Philippe Pauchard

I studied applied physics at the engineer school of Geneva and I'm currently working as a material engineer for DuPont. I'm interested in astronomy since the age of 12, when I watched for the first time the sky with a small telescope that my father bought me. I randomly pointed at one of the bright objects on the sky and was surprised that I found Saturn. I have shown the nice planet to my family which was surprised too. Since then I enjoyed sharing observations with others. I gradually extended my knowledge in astronomy from books and later on during my studies. I joined the Astro Events team after an astronomy evening which they organised on the summit of Moléson in 2014.

Jean luc robyr

Jean-Luc Robyr

I did a PhD in the domain of atomic physics at the university of Fribourg. During my leisure time I like to read, draw and search for fungi. At the age of 20 I started to explore the sky and to identify different stellar constellations. When my grand-uncle, an astronomy enthusiastic, heard about my passion for astronomy he donated me a telescope, which persuaded me to learn more about astronomy. I joined Astro Events in order to be able to share the beauty of the universe with everybody being interested in astronomy. We sometimes tend forget the beauty of the surrounding nature, due to the technological progress, and that it is not necessary to be an engineer to be able to discover nature.

Basil reinhard

Basil Reinhard

I study mathematics at the university of Fribourg. My strong interest in astronomy dates back to my childhood and I found several good reasons for joining the Astro Events team in 2014. It allows me to expand my knowledge of our universe and it gives me the opportunity to share this knowledge with enthusiastic people of all ages. I am also very excited to be part of this young and motivated team, and to contribute to the development of the project. When I'm not studying or teaching, I can be most likely found somewhere in the mountains either under my paraglide, on my skis, while climbing or hiking. Anytime I get the chance, I will spend a night outdoors to enjoy the beauty of the sky without light pollution in high altitude.

Samuel zappa

Samuel Zappa

I was born in Ticino and I'm studying mathematics since 2011 at the university of Fribourg. There I have had the occasion to gradually discover the foothills and the main Alps. During a bivouac, the beauty of mountains links to the beauty of the sky, the screen on which a movie is projected on every night. I am mostly interested by the constellations, because of the legends which they communicate us. I believe that everybody becomes thoughtful when our sight immerses in the endless space. Astro Events is a good opportunity for me to deepen my knowledge in astronomy and to share my passion with other people.