• Why is a reservation in advance necessary for the astronomy events?
    A reservation is necessary for the event preparation. Depending on the number of reservations we organise several telescopes and demonstrators. Also the organisation and choice of room facility depends on the number of visitors. If you can´t participate to the event please inform us in advance in order to prevent that the begining of the event is delayed.
  • Is it possible to organise group events?
    Yes, we are pleased to organise an event for you! Group events can be organised from 10-15 (depending on the location) people on. Our events can for example be an ideal birthday party surprise, leisure activity of a company event or seminar. Please contact us via our form if you are interested in organising a group event
  • Is it possible to organise private events at a place of my choice?
    Yes, private events can be organised at a place and date of your choice, please write us via our contact form for more information
  • Is it possible to collaborate with Astro Events?
    If you are for example a hotel or restaurant manager or know somebody who could be interested to collaborate with us,then we would be interested to hear from you!
  • Why are the events not free of charge?
    The price of the event contains a diner and varies from one location to the other. The final price includes also the astronomy program
  • What happens if the weather conditions are bad?
    Our events take also place if the weather forecast is bad, since it is difficult to predict the weather in advance. A short observation window can occur at any weather forecast. We offer an alternative program consisting of a telescope demonstration and explanations of the stellar constellations if no observation is possible. Furthermore we show you which stellar objects can be observed under good weather conditions.
  • I found a typo or functionality mistake on the webpage
    If you found a typo mistake or misfunctioning of our webpage, then please let us know via our contact form. If you encoutered a misfunction or display error please indicate the version of your browser and operation system.