Group events


Are you searching for a unique group activity?

Then this is the right place for you. We organise volonteerly an astronomy event edited according to your requests. We can offer you an exciting trip through our solar system under the form of the form of an interactive presentation. During the observation you will have the opportunity to have a look at the planets and outside our solar system through our professional telescopes. Depending on the season and your schedule we can also offer you an observation of the sun. Our offer can be perfectly combined with a dinner between the presentation and observation. Underneath you can find more information about different types of events which can be linked with astronomy. We have a long experience in organising the social program for group events.

Company event or conference

Are you searching a unique activity for your company celebration or conference?

Astronomy is a suitable framework program for your company event because most people have a profound interest and curiosity for the universe. An observation of the sky can also be a pleasant finish for a seminar or a conference. Our offer can be adapted according to your requests. Events for companies can be organized at all our event location or a location of your choice. The group size can vary between 12 to 100 participants.

Trip with your friends or association

Are you planning an excursion with your friends or association?

We offer an alternative and interesting evening program. You can discover the fascinating field of astronomy together with your friends or collegues. We adapt our program to your knowledge level in astronomy. A wide variety of daytime activities can be found on the webpages of our event partner. Group events can take place at any of our event locations or a place of your choice. We organize group events from 12 participants on.


Are you searching a surprise for an astronomy passionate in your family?

We have organised several times astronomy framework activities for a birthday party and we guarantee you that your party will be a full success for young and old. Our offer can be adapted to all age categories and is also suitable for kids due to demonstrative models. Astronomy events can be organised from 12 participants on at one of our event locations or one of your choice.

Please contact us via our form if you are interested in organising a group event or if you have further questions.